Ways to Donate

                                                           1- Make a regular donation

Spreading your donation across the year in small monthly donations enables us to maintain a commitment better to children and young with disabilities. Even if you can only afford a few US dollars a month , we would strongly encourage you to donate this way; it is the most efficient way to give.

                                                          2- Make a one-off donation

Every contribution to the work of our charity, however large or small, help us care for some of the most vulnerable children and young with disabilities in the region of Quang Nam anhd Da Nang.

                                                               3- Donate to our shops

 Please kindly contact us if you
- would like to arrange a house collection
- are a company that would like to donate end-of-line, samples or surplus stock
- have any particularly large items to donate that you are unable to bring yourself.

                                                              4- Donate in memory

 Make a donation to honour someone special. Donations can be made online to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or in memory of a loved one.


                                                              5- Donate to a project

 Donating to a Thanh Tam Centre’s project links your money with a project and community relating to children and young with disabilities. Your donation will go straight to the projects and people that need it, and it will be put to life-changing work straight away!


                                                                     6- Charity Gifts

a- Gifts for Education and Play:
We've got books, toys, bikes and boxes, even a school in a box. By giving these gifts you can inspire fun and shape futures.

b- Gifts for Polio Vaccine:
There is no cure for polio, it can only be prevented. Polio vaccine, given multiple times, can protect a child for life.

c- Gifts for Hib Vaccine:
Hib disease is a serious illness caused by the bacteria Haemophilus Influenzae type b. Babies and children younger than 5 years old are most at risk for Hib disease. It can cause lifelong disability and deadly. The Hib vaccine  prevents Hib disease. 


Thanh Tam Special School 

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 Thanh Tam Vocational Training Center

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Shop and Services

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  Get Involved

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