Improvement Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre‘s Equipments and Supplies

We are looking for private and corporate partners to work with us on a project to improvement equipments and supplies for Thanh Tam Vocational Training centre that will transform the lives and prospects of at least 100 young people with disabilities every year.

Improvement Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre‘s Equipments and Supplies

The project will cover Danang city, Quang Nam’s province and other surrounding provinces.

Initial research and set-up – 18 months
Ongoing thereafter


The Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre was established in October 2012 by the Sisters of St Paul of Chartres Danang in cooperation with the Government of Grand Duchy Luxembourg through the NGO of « Christian Solidarity International » (CSI).

22 qualified teachers are employed there, 15 of them university graduates. We also employ a cook and a security guard.

This establish aims to enhance the skills of youths with disabilities from Danang city, Quang Nam’s province and other surrounding provinces to enable them to develop sustainable livelihoods and greater social inclusion through fair trade. These youths do not have sufficient employment, and live in poverty due to their underdeveloped skills, lack of organisation, poor design ideas, inadequate equipment and a lack of marketing strategies.

Each year, the Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre trains around 100 youths with disabilities to develop basic skills and techniques in carpentry, cookery, design advertising, embroidery, gardening, sewing and therapeutic massage. Some are two year courses, but the majority are for just one year. During the training, students not only learn a trade but are also taught self care, health education, and general life skills to prepare them for the "real world" once they have graduated.

After completion of their courses, the Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre arranges job placements, and prior to that, visits and training days with local employers. For those graduates assistance in finding employment or starting own work project and business training are then provided.

As a result, the youths with disabilities and their families will have sustainable livelihoods, enabling them to step out of poverty, integrated into mainstream society and lead a life of dignity.

Our current furniture and training equipments are functional, but we still need additional equipments and supplies in order to improve capacity and capability of the establishment as well to effectively implement the project.


Integrate youth with disabilities into mainstream society and lead a life of dignity.

Specific objectives:
To develop well-conditioned facilities for education and vocational training materials in the Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre

The students we serve are from extremely poor backgrounds. Without sponsorship they would not be in school. Many have just one parent or no parents at all. Some have dropped out and are desperate to get back into education.

In the course of project implementation, the following activities have been planned:
- Identify facilities needs;
- Develop the outline project proposal project;
- Find furniture and equipment’s productions;
- Install furniture and equipments ;
- Monitor and evaluate the project.

The total financial requirement is $ 32 685.95 towards entire project cost.

The estimated overall budget is $ 32 685.95 (see enclosed file).

Project team referred to Congregation of Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres of Danang

Board and Committees of Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre

They are responsible for implementation of the project and reporting to the donors in all project related matters. (See enclosed file: organisation chart)

We communicate to private donors, donor companies and to grant making organisations through a range of reports.

A detailed breakdown of funds used, with receipts, photographs and description, wherever money is donated for a section of the project.

Regular updates on the Thanh Tam Vocational Training Centre website.

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If this sounds like a project you or your company would be interested in, or if
you have any questions, please contact :
Sr. Anne Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan
Saint Paul of Chartres of Danang
Tel: 00 84-511-3958545
E­mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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We   shall   appreciate  your kind   support   and   cooperation   in   the   growth   of   this project .


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