Private and Corporate Sponsorships For Students With Disabilities

Children and youth with disabilities remain one of the main groups being widely excluded from quality education. Disability is recognised as one of the least visible yet most potent factors in educational marginalisation. The schooling gap between children with and without disabilities starts at Grade 1 and then widens throughout schooling. We believe this is wrong. It is unjust. And we have a plan to change things. We invite private inviduals and corporate sponsors to joint to our plan.


Sponsor a disabled student today and you’ll become part of a very special plan. A plan that will transform their life and yours.

For just one dollar a day, you’ll share a personal connection with a disabled student in Danang and Quang Nam’s province in which we work.

You’ll get letters and pictures direct from the student you sponsor, plus reports showing you exactly how your donations are improving disabled student’s lives.

Help change the world, one disabled student at a time.

What you receive

Being a  sponsor is quite simply unique. Over time, you’ll watch your sponsored disabled student grow and see how your support is helping to transform their life and the lives of those around them.

You’ll actually see the difference you are making, through the eyes of the disabled student you sponsor in letters, photos and reports.

See the impact you're helping to make

As soon as you start sponsoring you’ll get a welcome pack, with photos and a profile of the student you’re sponsoring. You can write to your sponsored student right away if you want to.

Your welcome pack contains:

A profile of your sponsored student with disability

Photos of your sponsored student and their family

Each year you’ll also get an update on the progress your sponsored disabled student is making. This will include a recent photograph, so you can see for yourself how your sponsored disabled student is growing and developing with your support.

And your support could mean even more. A few lines from a sponsor, or just knowing that someone miles away cares, can really help fuel a disabled student’s imagination and ambition.

We regularly hear wonderful stories of ex-sponsored disabled students and how they were encouraged to study hard at school by their sponsor and how they’ve gone on to become doctors, teachers and midwives.

Impact of your donation

We, the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres have been working with disabled students for over 100 years in Vietnam, and in that time we’ve learned that to bring long-lasting changes to disabled student’s lives. Our goal is to educate and integrate the students with disabilities in the society and benefit from their participation. Increase awareness in the society about these children and work towards a Vietnam where no disabled child or youth is denied the right to educate.

Your sponsored disabled student has access to Thanh Tam Disabled Children’s Centre that provides care, respect, special education, uniforms, tuition fees, health facilities and therapy adapted to meet all the needs of each individual student.

Your sponsored youth with disabilities has access to the Thanh Tam Training Centre, where he or she can choose to study one of the 7 skills trainings: carpentry, cookery, design advertising, embroidery, gardening, sewing and therapeutic massage.

Being responsible and trustworthy

We’re accountable to the disabled students we work with, and to the sponsors and donors who make that work possible.

It’s very important to us that our finances are clear and honest, so we use internal and external auditors to monitor our finances and day-to-day management. This includes evaluating all our projects at the beginning, middle and end to see how successfully they’ve met disabled student’s needs.


How much does it cost to sponsor a disabled student?

We ask for a minimum donation of $30 a month, which works out as $7.5 a week or $1 a day, although many of our sponsors choose to give more.

This monthly amount means that we can achieve lasting results from your sponsorship. If you prefer, you can make your payments quarterly, twice a year or annually.

Do you encourage corporate sponsorship?

We welcome relationships with corporations, international and local businesses who wish to work with us.  offers many exciting cause-related opportunities for corporate partners to support our life-changing programs for children and youth with disabilities. Each corporate sponsor enjoys a customized partnership based on their specific interests whether it be employee team building, client entertainment, desire to give-back to the community or all of the above.

By sponsoring our program, we will

- Add your company’s logo and a summary on your company’s profile to our website during your sponsored period

- Provide you an Acknowledgment/Thank You letter

- Provide you an update on the progress your sponsored disabled student is making.

How does sponsorship work?

Disabled student sponsorship creates a unique personal connection between you and a disabled student and their family in a Danang’s city and a Quang Nam’s province where we work. As part of your sponsorship you can exchange letters and photos.

How are my donations spent?

100% of the  money you donate  goes directly to the education and vocation’s studies related to your sponsored disabled student.

What will I receive?

When you first sign up to sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored student and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from your sponsored student. You’ll receive annual updates and photos, so that you can follow your sponsored disabled student's progress.

Can I choose the disabled student I sponsor?

You can  choose whether you’d like to sponsor a girl or a boy, and their approximate age.

Is sponsoring a disabled student like adopting a child?

No, definitely not. The disabled student you sponsor will have a family of their own, but sponsors play an important role in the eyes of the student and their community.

How long do I have to sponsor?

To help us see our projects through to their conclusion, we hope your relationship with us and the disabled student you sponsor will continue for a number of years. But, if your circumstances change, you can stop at any time and we will find another sponsor for the disabled student. Children and youth are usually sponsored until they are 25.

How does my sponsored disabled student benefit from my support?

Your sponsored disabled student will feel the difference in two ways.

First, your sponsored student is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to achieve his or her full  potential.

Second, your sponsor can reduce discrimination against students with disabilities and tackle poverty. You give your sponsored student with disabilities skills to allow him or her to become positive role model and join the employment market, thereby helping to prevent poverty. 

How do you select which disabled student to sponsor?

There is a strict set of assessment criteria for selecting applicants into the program.

Once we have chosen to work with a community, we aim to involve as many families as possible in the work we are doing. We encourage the community to discuss who may benefit most from being a sponsored disabled student, and disabled students themselves are actively involved in these discussions.

Ultimately it is down to the disabled student and family to decide if they wish to be sponsored. Some other factors are taken into account, including age, the relative wealth and status of the disabled student’s family, and the need for approximately equal numbers of boys and girls to be enrolled in each community.

How many students are currently sponsored by your Thanh Tam Special Education‘s Center?

There are currently 60 students sponsored by the program.

I have more questions – who can I speak to?

Our Supporter Relations team are happy to answer any questions you have about sponsorship and our work.

You can call them on 00 84-511-3958545

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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